A Historical Sketch of First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church in Sault Ste. Marie, ON was founded on July 22, 1889. The 15 original members felt the need for a Baptist Church and began meetings in Dawson's Hall on Queen Street. Interest grew and by 1890 a building was erected at a cost of $3,100.00. It was placed at the corner of Albert St. and March St., which is where the church is to this day.

In February of 1933 an evangelistic campaign was held in order to reach those who had not heard the gospel locally. One evening after the campaign service was over a fire began in the organ. The building was destroyed and would have to be rebuilt! January 1934 saw the dedication of the new brick building with great rejoicing. This is the building which we occupy today.

Further expansion has continued over the decades. In the 1940's two Sunday Schools were started, one in the west end and one in the north of the city. The west end Sunday School is today Bethany Baptist Church. In 1965 the growth of First was so great that a 30' x 70' extension was built to the sanctuary in order to add some more room. The church acquired a campground in 1971 and began the ministry of Rock Lake Christian Campground.

The Lord enabled us to install an elevator in 2012 in order to make our building accessible to everyone. We are thankful for God's provision through His people for this wonderful enhancement to the building.

Perhaps the most significant historical fact is that the message of the Word of God and the Gospel contained in that Word has been preached for over 130 years at the corner of March St. and Albert St. To God Be All The Glory!