Statement of Mission

The purpose of First Baptist Church is, under Christ's headship,
										to faithfully serve Him until He comes again.

To fulfil this purpose, we as a church must:

 1. Present to the world a clear, consistent, collective witness unto Christ.
  (a) By faithfully maintaining regular public services of worship that honour and glorify our Triune God and are characteristically Christ-centered.
  (b) By vigorously ordering all church activities to ensure that Christ is honoured thereby.
  (c) By prayerfully avoiding all association and practices that could compromise our witness unto Christ.
  (d) By encouraging members and adherents to evidence practical godliness in our daily lives.
  (e) By demonstrating visibly Christ-like love for one another.

 2. Pursue the task of evangelizing the lost.
  (a) By ensuring that an evangelistic thrust is maintained in our preaching and teaching ministries.
  (b) By vigorously maintaining an outreach program with a balanced emphasis in local, provincial, national, and international efforts.
  (c) By encouraging individual involvement of all members and adherents in personal and collective efforts to seek the salvation of the lost.

 3. Promote the spiritual development of each member and adherent who confesses Christ as Saviour and Lord.
  (a) By promoting involvement of all members and adherents in regular, systematic, and meaningful study of the Word of God.
  (b) By encouraging personal and family devotions and meditation in the Word of God.
  (c) By encouraging increasing dependence upon Christ through fostering participation of all members and adherents in both public and private prayer.
  (d) By encouraging participation of members and adherents in available opportunities suited to promote spiritual and leadership development.
  (e) By fostering closer fellowship and communion with God and one another.

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