"Plan to Protect" Policy Information Session

It is very important that all Church employees and all Child & Youth Workers
who are involved in working with young people (from the nursery program and Junior Church, to those working with children and youth up to 18 years of age) attend one of these sessions.  All church members (and adherents)
are also welcome to attend.

This program was formerly known as "Reduce the Risk".



    • Reasons for initiating the "Plan to Protect" Policy

    • Recruiting & Selecting Child and Youth Workers

    • Child and Youth Worker Training Policy

    • Child and Youth Worker Personal Conduct Policy

    • Child and Youth Worker Supervision Policy

    • The Behaviour Management Policy for Children and Youth

    • Department Head (Supervisor) Policy

    • Additional Provisions for Children and Youth

    • Handling Allegations of Child Abuse

    • Child and Youth Worker Screening & Interview

    • Reference Contact Form

    • Suspected Abuse Report Form


Reducing the risk of abuse to our children and youth, protecting our workers from unfounded accusations, having our church be seen as taking the risk of abuse seriously, and putting a program in place to protect our children and youth from abuse is necessary in the world we live in today.

Thank you for your cooperation in implementing this program.

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